Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Using the "force", big guns, humor, and dreams of sunny summer as I embark to the winter wilderness for work!

It has been a month since I have visited the Nevada wilderness area to see my adult clients. Today is the day and I am so excited! I so enjoy my time out there with them and am in awe of their existence in the wilderness with campfires, tarps and excellent gear. I will be dreaming of my hot tub as the day gets longer and my toes get colder! I will take some photos today to share with you so that you have an idea of my awesom job and CELEBRATE my "interior decorator's" latest ideas- GOd is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And as I am driving in the middle of nowhere among mustangs and praying the deer stay away from my truck, I will have little emails from you, friends, on my phone. I will let you know what I am doing when I hear from you so that you can share in my day!

Hope you enjoy the silly pictures attached, seemed like some fun to start the day with giggles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vesuviusmama said...

Looks like lots of un happens at your house. We, too, are prone to dressing in costume and sword fights. Keep playing!