Friday, November 19, 2010

Have you ever thought of children's stories when looking for your next quilt pattern?

Where do you get your inspiration for your creative projects/ quilts?  

A new project for me, Museo Del Gato, was inspired by 2nd graders at Book Fair last night.....A wonky appliquer's dream for a springboard!

The above pages are a few excerpts from the book, Vincent Van Gogh's Cat....Written and illustrated by the second grade students of East Washington Academy in Muncie, Indiana.  

I am now thinking that this book is a Godwink because I may have found a home for this Pony block.  I love it and didn't know what to do with him and now....Maybe he will hang with the Gatos...getting more random by the minute.....Or should I say I am exercising my ARTISTIC LICENSE?

I cannot wait for the near future when I am caught up on current projects and can play with the idea of turning these awesom wonky pictures into quilt blocks.....I am thinking I will label each artist in Unruly Quilter-style much to play with for ideas!

I wonder if this teacher is a quilter at heart? The pics remind me of Piece o' Cake's Applique Outside the Lines book......

Why not while we are on the topic, let's CELEBRATE teachers in our lives that made a difference!  

Love, Em


Vesuviusmama said...

Earlier this week I was interviewed by my high school's alumni newsletter person to be featured (so cool!) and had a chance to reminisce on teachers that were instrumental in my development as a person and as a student. I got teary-eyed thinking of them, as many have since passed away. They were all people who had a passion for their subject area, and drove me hard, accepting no excuses and nothing less than my best. What a great foundation they gave me for living my life - with passion and giving nothing less than my best!

Judi said...

Oh I'm sad like Erin that some of my teachers that I loved have passed away. I love the book what a great idea. Where do I get ideas. From friends on blogs like you and Erin. From books. From my monthly quilt guild meeting. From patterns in the store. From the fabric. From God...

♥Duff said...

that book is delicious! You will no doubt be inspired to make something new and amazing, even for you!
OH, yeah, and 3 cheers for teachers! Give 'em a raise!!

O'Quilts said...

Yup, that is what I do too!! And the bird tray from IKEA..I am going to try that next..I mean next after the hundred others I want to try. Inspiration is everywhere.

Jenny said...

we read lots of books, so im always seeing something are a few:
Joesph had a little overcoat

I Saw A Ship A-Sailing pictures by janina domanska

ugh, i have a few other favorites i can't come up with right now!

Karen said...

Such a whimsical looking horse!