Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"TOO"sday is TOO FUN, photos keep rolling in to CELEBRATE! this week's giveaway...

This is literally "rockin'" awesom!  Patty is wrapped up in a quilt she created with her concert t-shirts. I had to include the quilt below to CELEBRATE it!  I particularly love Tina Turner's shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also enjoy this photo because Patty took it herself looking in a mirror so it takes a moment to orient to it...Visit Patt at http://pattythequiltlady.blogspot.com

Quilting is so amazing to me because of the variety of avenues that a simple pair of scissors and a fabulous mind can travel down!

What is your favorite?

Leave it to dear Laurie at Tangostreasures.blogspot.com to send this fabulous fun photo of her cat that she discovered in a quilt in a bag!  I love the spunk of cats and would never have been able to truly appreciate this fun photo if I had not adopted Kevin my cat this past fall!  Visit Tango and celebrate her fabulous recipes and photos of food that make you want to hire her as your own personal chef!

And guess who turned 6 months 2 nights ago.....I know this is a stretch!  Auntie is in twin heaven as Raiden and Timothy patiently put up with me wrapping us all 3 up in a quilt for a photo.  Was so much easier when they were teeny but their personalities are beyond precious and so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The front of this quilt is on my blog sidebar for those who are new to my blog and have not witnessed the gorgeous quilting by Green Fairy!!!!! on this quilt and everything else she blesses with her artistry.
I awoke from a lovely nap this afternoon and POOF! Gail had sent me this photo of her daughter wrapped in a quilt she made for her for her dorm. I can imagine that there have been a lot of wrapping-ups when homesick for mom or the struggles of first year at college.. Jump to thecozyquilter.blogspot.com and enjoy a visit with her! She and I are both so blessed to be fans of Erin at Vesuviusmama.  I smile as I think of the many blog posts I have read this past spring of mom's sending children off to college with quilts fresh for the new chapter in life! I made one for my oldest when he graduated from high school and remembering the emotions as I created it and how quickly the time goes in raising children.

And now to play with Mr.Seuss....

What are you doing TOO much of Tooday on this TOOsday?!


Tangos Treasures said...

too awesome!!

Nifty Quilts said...

These are all great! I couldn't pick a favorite. You and the twins are sure cute! And that cat is a priceless photo! The photos are a fun idea.

Vesuviusmama said...

What fun quilt photos! Yesterday I did TOO much goofing off at work, so now I am behind and needing to catch up. Of course, what am I doing now, but checking up on your blog. Bad, Erin! But I just needed my Em fix before buckling down to work. All better now! Have fun in the wilderness today!