Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wintery Wednesday....CELEBRATING the knitted sweater! and Knit Witch's a godwink!

I have become that person......Kevin is such a good sport to humor me...I arrived home from work last night and look what Sean had bought to prepare Kevin for an epoch storm...He was just grateful he didn't have to wear the frilly red velvet dress that I had picked out.....

I wish I had a matching one for the wilderness today!!! 

And after posting this silly photo of dear Kevin, I found and the most recent post is of a kitty story....GODWINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Check her out, it is fun!!!

Do you have a favorite knitted item or blog that CELEBRATES Knitting/ crocheting/ tatting/ handwork?  Please share!

Love, Em


Char said...

Kevin is amazing! I've had cats all my life and none of them would ever wear a sweater!
I could never learn to knit, but I do crochet.
Have a great day in the wilderness Em!

Judi said...

A cat in a sweater? Crazy - never seen it before.

redrockingal said...

A cat named Kevin gives me a smile in of itself, then add the skull and cross bone sweater???? You guys are the best!