Friday, November 26, 2010

Messages throughout our lives and in the little things in life.....What speaks to you today?

I am grateful to Selvage quilter and others who have inspired me to see Selvages as a fun detail to quilt blocks...Recipe for friends...KNOW PEACE.

My Far Side cartoon, Giraffe Preschool field trip visiting the zoo to see how cute the little boy is in the cage.

I am sorry the pic is so poor, the trunk has the most wonderful words so hopefully you will be the one to receive this block from Beth in January...Ms. D at Bacon Then Eggs found the fabric that talks of listening to whisper of angel wings...her interp of GODWINKS for me!

My Boy Scout camping jamboree....forest imbetween scout forts...And a little fairy to represent the moms that miss their kids while they are at summer camps...

Love to you on this Friday....As I grieve for a friend's loss of husband the term "Black Friday" takes on new meaning and send comfort to her and anyone else needing a hug and "I love you!" I dedicate the top block of "recipe for friends" to her and you....My prayers of peace for your hearts.

Love, Em


♥Duff said...

So sorry to hear that your friend's husband did not get a heart transplant. Yes, black Friday will always be black for his family. Since you wrote that in an earlier note, I have been thinking of your friend and sending peace, light, and love through the wind to wrap around her tight. A sad reminder to the rest of us how the most important things to have on Black Friday are the things money can't buy.

Janet said...

The last few days I have been drawn to the lightness at night in this full moon time. It reminds me that there is light in the darkness and it lifts us up. I am shedding tears for your friend's sadness and loss.

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh Em..... So very sorry for your friend and her family. Oh dear. Prayers going up your way over the Atlantic Ocean tonite as I'm typing.... Hugs to you all.
My husband is only here by the Grace our Lord and life is so precious.
You want my selvedges?

Vesuviusmama said...

Life has been so crazy, I've missed so many of your posts! These houses are great, and I sure hope I win so I can get one!