Saturday, January 23, 2010

CELEBRATING blue skies peeking a game with me!

For all of you wondeful travelling companions, if you recall my winter photo from this past Monday- little snow- and has not STOPPED SINCE! There is many feet of snow out there and so many people I work with are sacrificing sleep and warmth to insure our clients and students are safe and THAT THEY ARE! I bought this fabric yesterday with goal of making a wonky baby quilt but instead it took shape today to be a gift to Becca for her dedication to her job! It is entitled "Blue Skies" to celebrate them returning today, at least peeking out!
My husband had the idea of fraying the edges to make it look primitive and then we put in frame, I love it against the window looking like stained glass.

I found the most perfect prize for lucky someones so OF COURSE, I had to think up a game for all to enjoy!

Because I work in a the psychiatry niche of nursing, let's play the inkblot game....

In the above wonky Gwen Marston-inspired quilt, What Do You See?

I have created a story within it in honor of the snow and staff in the field this week.

So, 3 prizes: one for who guesses the story in the quilt, and 2 separate categories for children under age 18 and over age 18 who participate will placed in a hat for a drawing. Bonus will be if you refer a person to this site to participate, each person will give you an additional chance in the drawing, (refer 3 people and you get 3 extra chances, etc.)

Entries will be taken through Sunday at midnight and winners announced Monday morning.


Tangos Treasures said...

Well I see a house at twilight with a star trying to shine bright. But the 2 evil tornados are trying to blow away the poor house oh my!!
I've no idea what the real story is! LOL

Blogless me said...

When I looked at the pic (before I read your post) I saw a clock - the old-fashioned type - with hands. I thought it was saying 9.30. Then I thought - it might be a quarter to six... Then I read your post. Well, now I'm totally blocked and flipping between 9.30 and 5.45. Nothing else, even if I try. How weird is that ;-)! I know it has nothing to do with your story, but there I am - stuck in a time warp.

RaeAnna said...

Ok, use your imagination here. ha ha
Little Miss thinks that you have created a house.
Top left red piece is the roof, 2 stained glass windows and above the right window is the attic. She called your house "Blues Clues" ha ha, because you have to find clues to see what's going on in the house!
My ink blot guess is that I am looking at a profile pic of a bird on a totem pole. His beak is the red top left triangle. He is looking over the camps providing strength and guidance to your Entrada staff! :)

Em said...

Noah heard your post, RaeAnna and Preshy, and was curious so he had to play too! He said that it was dark at night, hence the star. Top 2 and bottom right are stuck trucks and the yellow triangle pointing to the left is the sun going down. The top red square on left is a mountain and bottom triangle pointing down is another mountain. Blue is the snow and the little squares are the different groups. Interesting from the perspective of my child who lives this life of mom as a "wild nurse". (All kids will win so pls don't feel jaded that my own participated and he doesn't know the answer...or does he?

RaeAnna said...

I love it! His guess is excellent! :)
He knows his wild nurse mom very well! ha ha

Anonymous said...

This is lauren and darcy. we are expierenced in this department. it is clearly a story about our friend doug and his role as the "man from snowy wilderness." he awoke one morning to the pitter-patter of raindrops on his windowsill. "my fireplace is roaring and i have plenty of pre-chopped wood. becca wouldn't mind if i didn't show up for work... this snow will be the death of me! well, at least the death of the 250." little did innocent doug know that this was indeed his fate. doug dragged himself out of bed, put on his carhardts, boots and grabbed his sunflower seeds. kissing his wife and babies good-bye, he left for his misadventure.
doug was thankful that it was friday and didn't have to listen to another lecture about cold injuries. he jumped in his truck in high spirits! as doug approached enterprise he realized this was no ordinary day at the office. whithin 13 miles dougs trusty truck turned sour. the farther he got into the wilderness, the higher the snow rose above his windshield. he began to think about the wet staff and grumpy clients huddling under a saggy, snow drenched tarp around a smokey-ass fire. maniacal laughter rose from his gut... then kharma and he was stuck. as he plead for mercy from the all powerful sun god, he realized the sun was trapped behind a blanket of snow and ice.

thanks to the efforts of the fabulous field department, the roads were plowed, the sun is out and no other will experience such a fateful day.

Em said...

I gotta have Doug read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i love you guys and yes, darcy and lauren, you are delicious!

Vesuviusmama said...

A maelstrom engulfed the earth (upper left). The beauty of the starry night sky was obscured behind the force of the storm (bottom left). Ships tossed at sea on the wild waves and punishing wind (upper right), and the frightened people cowered in their homes, drawing their curtains closed against the chaotic forces outside, drawing into themselves and closing their minds to anything beyond their realm of experience (middle left). In one small home, however, the fearless quilter threw open her shutters and declared, "You don't scare me!" She took all the hurt and anger and evil in the world, and transformed it into beauty with her quilted creations, sending forth her little bundles of love and hope to those in need as fast as she could make them, much like the boy throwing beached starfish back into the ocean, one at a time. And like a miracle, the skies opened, and a shaft of sunlight came down to bathe the beautiful quilter and her blessed little home (bottom right).

Vesuviusmama said...

A bird was flying in a rainstorm and got stuck in a chimney. - Jason, age 7

Vesuviusmama said...

Something looks like a rainbow. Something looks like a tent. There are two tents, a square tent and a triangle tent. - Donald, age 4

SandyQuilts said...

I see the Olympics kind of like in a 3 Ring Circus. Upper left red block is the crowd cheering the athelets on; below that are volleyball players. Right upper corner are the gymnastics; lower left corner is the diving board and right lower corner is the lodge where all the athletes live.