Sunday, January 17, 2010

Games for children......Celebrating......A Man that Died for his dream and everyday people making a stand...

I have been quilting and thinking of tomorrow's holiday and humbly thinking of Martin Luther King, Jr and of his greatest sacrifice so that the above embrace is "more than a dream" or aspiration.

Games for children.... Let the fun begin....................

Time to CELEBRATE beauty of children and their wisdom....If you know of children who would like to participate, please have them visit the site or forward the games so that they can participate. Games will end 9:00 pm Utah time tomorrow.

1. first game is: How many words can you form out of "Martin Luther King, Jr.". 2 different winning categories: Will be a contest for children k-first grade and then 2nd grade and up. Please email the number and it will be based on the honor system. Winners will be asked to submit their words to help with spelling and typing skills.

2. second game is a craft project with the theme "I have a dream" right or wrong project so please let your child or the child free create what the child thinks of when hearing/ reading this title. I ask that a photo be taken of the craft project and submitted under "comments" Winner will be chosen Tuesday morning.

3. third game: Share with me an instance of when you, the child, stood up for something or someone you believed in even if you were scared.

Have fun and I look forward to celebrating your sweet entries! And to all you parents to whom your children have proclaimed boredom today, POOF!, activites to busy them and allow for some quilt time :).

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Vesuviusmama said...

I'm at work today (boo!) while my kids are home with Grandpa, so I just forwarded these games to him in hopes that he'll print them out and let my children play today. We'll see what they have come up with when I get home. Thanks for making this such an interactive and family friendly blog! And thanks for remembering Dr. King - I worry that too many people find it too easy to forget.